This day, Kamala.

1:42 PM

Someday you're going to tell your grandchildren about this day, Kamala. About what has happened this day. About what this day represents. I honestly don't know where you would be by that day and I'm no longer capable of hoping that you'd be in this country. Not after what has happened this day.

This day, May 9, 2017 to me represents hopelessness. Backwards and defeat. Let me explain this to you in simple words. Bad guys when they get together in a large group, they get powerful. They use that power to convince people to join them and form an even larger group of bad guys. And this day has just proven that the good guys, us, the ones who can think logically and use our head & heart wisely, can never form a group that is equal in size and power. In this country. Today

Why, you may ask. Why can't we ever form an equally large group to combat the bad guys, Mommy? Well, because. We might need a whole different post to cover this question & its answer. And that is not today, Kamala. Today has its own pressing issue to matter about.

Regardless of the behind-the-scene political arrangement, the fact that there has to be political arrangement that leads to a good guy to be imprisoned itself has shown that they have won. And to be honest, sadly to say, I don't think they will stop winning anytime soon.

Until when? Now that I've got you to take care about, I really need to see some kind of silver lining in this cloudy-cloudy nation. I need to make sure I'm raising you in the right place, where there's a slightest hope of the good guys can finally win. Good guys finally take over. 

See that's what has just made me shed a tear for this day, Kamala. I can't see that silver lining. 

Mommy & Daddy now need to think.

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